Our Services

At Mission Power, your power is our priority. Whether you need a full-scale electrical installation, an up-to-date to renewable energy solution, or when outages are simply not an option, we’ve got your back. Our turnkey process means we’re ready and able to get your power solution up and working without any stress to you – and our responsive team ensures you’ll have a back-up solution ready to deploy at a moment’s notice should your business or home experience a power failure. And no matter where you are in the United States, we’re ready to serve.

Learn more about our commercial, residential and maintenance service offerings.

Commercial Services

Chances are that your business relies on power. Without it, your operations would halt, your productivity would stagger, and your services suffer. Regardless of your industry, our experienced technicians and electricians can help you with a power solution that keeps your business – well – in business.

Residential Services

Prepare for the unexpected with a home back-up power solution that’s ready to weather storms, outlast electrical outages and keep you and your family comfortable throughout it all. A back-up power system gives you the peace of mind that you’ll never lose power. Our team offers all of that for a price that can’t be beat!

Service & Maintenance

Protect your investment with preventative maintenance and remote monitoring for our commercial and residential customers that’s perfectly aligned to the needs of your business or home. At Mission Power, our clients receive one year of standard preventative maintenance and a 1-hour average response time to any unexpected issue.


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